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Odeva- the app by retailers.

Odeva, the instant delivery grocery app born in Leicester, UK, is expanding its reach to other cities in the UK. Unlike other delivery apps, Odeva is built by independent retailers to provide instant delivery at retail prices to their customers. It is a boom to customers who cannot or do not want to leave home for shopping but not want to pay premium prices for groceries.

At the minute on-demand grocery delivery is dominated by multi national tech giants. The downside of this is extortionate prices for customers, while retailers often have to agree to a price cut to offer delivery services. Odeva is the solution to this problem.

Odeva is built by independent retailers. Odeva does not have to pay the tech companies, which means better prices and better choice for customers.

However, we need support to expand our services. Hence we are reaching out to you for funding to expand our servicers to other cities too. In return, we offer amazing rewards, one of which is discounted groceries, obviously delivered to your door. Please sign up to keep posted.

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